Number System

Here is the new instituted numbering system (as explained in the rules tab)

Step 1: Fill out show entry and pay fee.

Step 2: We will email you an assigned number and the format we would like back.

Step 3: By April 6, 2020, submit via email to your list of your assigned number, model names, breed, & gender.

Step 4: Fill out your leg tag with all the standard info plus this number.

(Each model MUST have a tag securely tied to it, to identify the ASSIGNED NUMBER, BREED & GENDER on the side that will face up and the other side… the owner’s name or initials, and the OFFICIAL name of the model.)

Note: If you do not have access to Microsoft excel. We can send it in Google sheets as well. If you do not have computer access, Please email us and we will work something out.

Example of the form; example

Excel Form: Assigned Numbers

Google Sheets: Email us and ask for sharing